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Fluorescent Magnetic Particle

Metal-Chek's Fluorescent Magnetic Particle is an effective and versatile solution for detecting defects in ferromagnetic surfaces, used in various industrial sectors and complying with the main reference standards, guaranteeing reliability and safety.

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Metal-Chek's Fluorescent Magnetic Particle: The Solution for Defect Detection

Metal-Chek, a leader in non-destructive testing solutions, presents the Fluorescent Magnetic Particle. This efficient tool is designed to detect surface and sub-surface defects and discontinuities in ferromagnetic parts or surfaces by the dry method.

Characterized by its green color and green fluorescence under UV-A 365 LIGHT, this particle is an effective solution for a variety of industries, from petroleum to the automotive and steel sectors.

Recommendations for Use of the Fluorescent Magnetic Particle

The Fluorescent Magnetic Particle is applied by spraying and can be applied to surfaces up to 100˚C. To carry out the test, a YOKE SuperMagna HMM 6 electromagnet and a Spectroline NDT ultraviolet light source are required.

It is important to note that the Fluorescent Magnetic Particle is intended for industrial use by personnel who are properly trained and qualified in the test method.

Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Fields of Action

Metal-Chek's Fluorescent Magnetic Particle is used in a wide range of sectors, including oil, petrochemical, nuclear, automotive, aerospace, naval, railway, steel, boilermaking and equipment maintenance in general. Its versatility and effectiveness make it an indispensable tool for detecting defects.

Reference Standards for Fluorescent Magnetic Particles

The Fluorescent Magnetic Particle adheres to the PETROBRAS N1598, ASME Section V, ASTM E 1444 and AMS 3040 reference standards. This compliance ensures that it is a reliable and safe solution for detecting defects and discontinuities in various industries.

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