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Metal-Check Penetrant

The test by Liquid Penetrant is considered one of the best test methods for detecting surface discontinuities in aluminum, magnesium, steels, titanium alloys, zirconium, ceramics, stainless steels, glass, certain types of plastics or organo-synthetic materials, duplex steels, super duplex steels and nickel alloys. 

The test consists of prior cleaning of the part; application of the penetrating liquid; penetration time; removal of excess penetrant; revealing and evaluation by the inspector.The penetrating liquid can be applied by brushing, spraying with a compressed air gun or aerosol, or by immersing the part in a tank containing the product. The penetrating liquid is removed by spraying with water or removing with solvents. The developer (white powder) is then applied to show the precise location of the surface discontinuity.

The Liquid Penetrant method easily detects discontinuities in cast, forged, rolled, drawn, welded and extruded materials as long as they do not have a porous metallurgical structure. Made from excellent quality raw materials, the Liquid PenetrantMetal-Chek Removers and Developers comply with AMS 2644 and Petrobras N 2370 standards and meet Petrobras N 1596, ASME code section V, ASTM E 1417 and ISO 3452 standards.


 Liquid Penetrant is applied with a brush, pistol, aerosol can or even through immersion of the piece in the tank containing the product. It waits a while for penetration to occur, the excess penetrant is removed with water or solvent and then the developer is applied, which will show the location for detecting surface cracks and discontinuities with precision and great simplicity.
The Metal-Chek Penetrant product line is intended for industrial use only, by qualified personnel in accordance with the applicable technical standards.


For general pre-cleaning or penetrant removal applications.


Developers have the function of showing the location for detecting surface cracks and discontinuities with precision and great simplicity.

The developer is a white and fine powder. It can be applied dry or in suspension, it acts by absorbing the penetrant from the discontinuities and revealing them to the surface.

High Temperature

Liquid Penetrant, Remover and Developer - with a certificate of conformity and following the ASME Section V Standard - Metal-Chek's HIGH TEMPERATURE KIT is the specific kit for tests between 52° and 150° C.


Liquid Penetrant, Remover and Developer specially developed for locations where flammable products cannot be used, produced with non-flammable propellant.

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