Chemical Safety Data Sheet

Learn what it is and how to consult

A MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet - is a document standardized by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), according to NBR 14725-4, which must be received by employers who use chemical products and is mandatory for its commercialization.

In MSDS you will find information on the various aspects of the medium (the substance or prepared) to provide recommendations on measures for the protection of, the shares in the crisis-in addition to issues such as health and the environment.

DocumentProductRevisionDate of last revisionDownload
E 03 04Metal-Chek 3DSCAN128/03/2023PDF
OD-QUA- 09Metal-Chek VP 301513/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA- 10Metal-Chek VP 302713/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA- 100Supermagna A/US 2000 Ultrasound Couplant721/08/2019PDF
OD-QUA- 101Dubl-Chek D 110 A1422/09/2016PDF
OD-QUA- 102Dubl-Chek D 113 G1502/06/2021PDF
OD-QUA- 103Dubl-Chek D 90 G413/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-104Dubl-Chek DR 60513/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-105Dubl-Chek DR 62402/01/2017PDF
OD-QUA-106Dubl-Chek ER 83 A513/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-11Metal-Chek VP 311013/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-110Dubl-Chek HM 604713/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-115Dubl-Chek D 100613/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-129Metal-Chek R 501 NF910/06/2021PDF
OD-QUA-13Metal-Chek FP 91 5L and 20 L701/03/2018PDF
OD-QUA-147Metal-Chek CLY 2000 AG SN413/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-151Dubl-Chek KO 19513/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-161Supermagna OMC 10 MMS613/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-166Metal-Chek FP 91 MF413/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-168Supermagna CLY 2000 O MMS BP313/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-18Metal-Chek D 701013/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-184Supermagna CLY 2000 O MMS BPA213/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-190Metal-Chek VP 30 HI aerosol1623/02/2023PDF
OD-QUA-191Metal-Chek VP 30 E non-flammable aerosol909/06/2021PDF
OD-QUA-194Metal-Chek VP 31 HI aerosol709/01/2018PDF
OD-QUA-196Metall-Chek FP 91 HI aerosol614/06/2021PDF
OD-QUA-20Metal-Chek D 7021031/08/2021PDF
OD-QUA-201MetalChek E 59 HI1213/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-203Metall-Chek R 501 HI913/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-205Metal-Chek D 70 HI1709/06/2021PDF
OD-QUA-215Supermagna Contrast 104 HI C311/06/2021PDF
OD-QUA-216Dubl-Chek DR 60 HI415/06/2021PDF
OD-QUA-217SP 08413/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-218Supermagna LY 3000413/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-219Supermagna CLY 3000 AG SN313/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-222Supermagna CWW 555 AG SN113/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-225Supermagna CLY 3000 O MMS BP213/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-226Supermagna CLY 3000 V AG SN307/12/2022PDF
OD-QUA-23Dubl-Chek D 76713/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-234Supermagna A US 3000213/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-235Supermagna CLY 3000 V O MMS BP213/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-254Supermagna CRL 265313/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-256Dubl-Chek D 100 HI715/06/2021PDF
OD-QUA-258Metal Clean 70313/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-259Supermagna SLY 3000 O411/06/2021PDF
OD-QUA-269Supermagna YD 404613/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-27Metal-Chek E 591225/11/2020PDF
OD-QUA-270Supermagna CLY 2000 AG SN TRW213/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-281Spectroline SPI Gas GLO Ultra208/09/2022PDF
OD-QUA-29Metal-Chek R 501 NF408/01/2018PDF
OD-QUA-296SP 01415/06/2021PDF
OD-QUA-298Supermagna CLY 2000 FV/O MMS113/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-299Babbco B 103313/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-30Metal-Chek R 502608/01/2018PDF
OD-QUA-300Babbco B 104 A313/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-307Supermagna CLY 2000 AG SN M213/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-308Spectroline WATER GLO ULTRA GREEN208/09/2022PDF
OD-QUA-309Dubl-Chek RC 77113/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-310Dubl-Chek HM 406113/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-317Dubl-Chek RC50213/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-318Dubl-Chek RC 65113/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-319Supermagna LY3000V113/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-32Metal-Chek TMC 10814/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-324Spectroline OIL GLO ULTRA SPI OGY313/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-326Dubl-Chek HM 704113/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-33Supermagna LY 1500614/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-37Supermagna CLY 1500 AG514/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-58Supermagna LY 2000614/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-60Supermagna LY 2000F/V514/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-62Supermagna CLY 2000 AG/SN814/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-66Supermagna CLY 2000 FV AG SN207/06/2010PDF
OD-QUA-69Supermagna CLY 2000 FV/O MMS314/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-71Supermagna DLY 2000914/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-77Supermagna RW 2221114/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-81Supermagna SRW 222 O911/06/2021PDF
OD-QUA-82Supermagna BW 333406/10/2015PDF
OD-QUA-85Supermagna SBW 333 O911/06/2021PDF
OD-QUA-86Supermagna WD 55514/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-91Supermagna LY 800414/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-92Supermagna LY 900414/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-93Supermagna BC 502814/04/2022PDF
OD-QUA-94Supermagna BC 502 SN321/03/2013PDF
OD-QUA-97Metal-Chek Contrast 1041311/06/2021PDF
OD-QUA-98Supermagna PS 2000514/04/2022PDF