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Dubl-Chek Penetrant

Dubl-Chek fluorescent penetrants are widely used in the aerospace industry.
Sherwin Incorporated has been a manufacturer of the Dubl-Chek line since 1964. Metal-Chek has been a licensed manufacturer in Brazil since 2002.
Dubl-Chek products are approved by government agencies around the world, including the US government, ASME, ASTM, as well as major civilian aerospace companies, the military and OEMs.

Through extensive and rigorous testing of raw materials and finished products, Metal-Chek maintains Sherwin Incorporated's highest quality standards and is recognized as Sherwin's production plant in Brazil on the QPL (Qualified Product List).

Water Washable Liquid Penetrant

Excellent washability, low viscosity and excellent electrostatic capacity, flash point above 93ºC. Complies with AMS - 2644, ASME Code Sec V, AMS/SAE 2647.

Post Emulsifiable Penetrating Liquid




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