Mission, Vision & Values


To contribute to market excellence in the detection of discontinuities by increasing the safety of customer processes and other stakeholders, in order to ensure and contribute to the integrity of society.


To maintain Metal-Chek as a quality reference in Penetrant, Magnetic Particles and Leak Detectors, and to seek market leadership in Latin America.


All our work will be based on 6 core values:

- Excellence;
- Sustainability;
- Innovation;
- Ethics;
- Respect;
- Collaboration.

Social Responsibility

Metal-Chek establishes its management policy based on social responsibility aspects, which determine the objectives of its business actions in an ethical way, according to globally accepted parameters of responsible social action.

Social Responsibility Requirements

To ensure the recognition of our social responsibility management system, Metal-Chek - follows the following requirements:

o Not to support or have involvement with the use of child labour;

o Not expose young workers to unsafe and hazardous work;

o Disclose to stakeholders the policy of promoting education for children and the child reparation policy.

Child Reparation Policy

Child labour is understood to be any work performed by a child between the ages of 14 and 16, and who is not duly enrolled in the minor apprentice project. Metal-Chek does not use child labor in its administrative and production activities and it is up to the Human Resources department to adopt procedures to guarantee the non-contracting of children.

In the event of hiring and using a young apprentice (minors between 16 and 18 years old), the following conditions must be guaranteed, according to the Learning Law 10.097:

- The young apprentice must be regularly enrolled in a school.

- The working hours must be compatible with school hours, and the combined hours of daily transport, school period and working hours cannot exceed 10 hours per day.

- The working environment must be safe and healthy, so as not to expose the young worker to situations that pose a risk to their health.

If a situation that characterises child labour is identified, the company, through the person responsible for the Human Resources department, is responsible for adopting all remedial actions to guarantee the child's right to work.

It is up to him/her

- Issue a Request for Remedial Action;

- define the reparative support actions, mainly concerning the school situation

- propose means to guarantee that the minor's family income is preserved.

The information regarding the identification and reparation of the situation characterized as the use of child labour shall be disclosed by the Representative of the High Management through its communication means using the internal and external communication system.

The actions taken both internally and those related to the identification of the use of child labour in suppliers shall be recorded by the Senior Management Representative and brought to the Critical Analysis of the Management System meeting. The Employee Representative of the SGRS and the Metal-Chek Board of Directors must be present to take the necessary measures to remedy this social non-compliance.

Young Worker Education Promotion Program

To Metal-Chek do Brasil, in accordance with the Management Policy and the principles of Social Responsibility, understands that it is the Family's, the State's and the Society's duty to guarantee to the children and teenagers the basic conditions necessary to their formation and human development. Thus, Metal-Chek requires that the children of its employees, at school age, are duly enrolled and attending school.in accordance with the Management Policy and the principles of Social Responsibility, understands that it is the duty of the Family, the State and the Society to guarantee to the children and teenagers the basic conditions necessary to their formation and human development. Thus, Metal-Chek requires that the children of its employees, at school age, are duly enrolled and attending school.

We understand that, many times, work is the only way for young people to complete their studies, strengthening their learning through practical activities. Metal-Chek is committed, when there are young employees (under 18 and over 16 years old, either as apprentices or trainees), to:

  • Direct them only to light work and related to their area of study at school to improve their knowledge through practical activities;
  • Ensure that they are not employed during school hours;
  • Respect the limit of 10 hours a day, considering for this limit, the hours worked and the hours spent on transport and permanence at school;
  • Not expose them, inside or outside our premises and under our responsibility, to dangerous, unsafe or unhealthy situations;
  • Provide information, when requested by the education entity and/or accredited body, about the work carried out in our company.

With this, it is possible to contribute with the entities responsible for monitoring these youngsters and also evaluate if the work is interfering or not with their school performance. If you see the need, you can ask the teacher, the school or the agency responsible for the apprentice / trainee, to issue a bimonthly report of school performance or provide a copy of the school report card.

In this sense, Metal-Chek believes that access to education and professionalization are fundamental elements for the training and insertion of young people in society, thus ensuring conditions for them to achieve full citizenship.

Environmental Responsibility

Waste treatment

Metal-Chek - is adequate to the ISO 14001 norm, whose implementation implies the concern and care with a correct environmental performance.

By complying with ISO 14001, Metal-Chek gains more and more the respect of the market where it operates and the recognition of its customers, who start to trust more in what is being produced, with the certainty of being in partnership with a responsible and conscious company.

By making its activities sustainable, aiming to reduce the negative aspects and increase the positive ones, and always thinking about the preservation of natural resources, it is possible to maintain respect for the environment and for society. In order to have this commitment, the company always seeks to be aware of new knowledge, always thinking about the continuous improvement of the productive system and other sectors in order to disseminate information


We will list here some links for further study material.

Its objective is to strengthen the chemical and petrochemical industry in Brazil, to contribute to the dissemination of technological advances, to act with government bodies, to defend the preservation of the environment and to provide guidance on the legislation in force, always focusing on the benefits of the member companies.

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A non-profit association dedicated to promoting recycling within the concept of integrated waste management. Cempre is maintained by private companies from various sectors and works to make society aware of the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling waste through publications, technical research, seminars and databases.

Letter of Commitment

In order to value and maintain partnerships with companies that share the same values as Metal-Chek, we ask our suppliers to sign the Social Responsibility Commitment Term.

We declare that our company meets the following requirements:

Our company does not engage or support the use of child labour (under 14 years old). If our company uses young workers (person aged between 14 and 18), the combined hours of transport, school and working hours shall not exceed 10 hours per day and they shall not be exposed to situations that are hazardous, unsafe or unhealthy.

Our company does not engage in or support the use of forced labour. Workers may not have their documents withheld or be required to lodge deposits as a condition of employment.

Our company provides a safe and healthy working environment, which includes access to drinking water, clean toilets, the necessary individual and collective safety equipment and training for its use, taking adequate measures to prevent accidents and harm to health.

Our company respects the right of all employees to form or join trade unions and to bargain collectively, ensuring that there are no reprisals.

Our company prohibits any attitude of discrimination based on race, social class, nationality, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership or politics. Sexually coercive, threatening, abusive or exploitative behaviour is not permitted.

Our company prohibits the use of corporal punishment, psychological or physical coercion or verbal abuse in relation to workers.

Our company does not require that workers routinely work more than 44 hours per week with at least one day off during this period and a maximum of 12 paid overtime hours per week. We comply with the legislation and regulations of our line of business.

Our company ensures that wages paid meet local minimum standards and should always be sufficient to meet the basic needs of workers and allow some extra income and that they are paid in a manner convenient to workers.

Our company has a communication channel to receive, forward and respond to the manifestations of its employees, as well as to ensure that there is no reprisal for any type of manifestation received.

We have read and know the "Management Policy" of Metal-Chek do Brasil.

We are aware of the obligation to dispose of waste in the locations defined by Metal-Chek, when we are providing services within the premises of Metal-Chek.

We will not practice attitudes that may cause pollution to the air, water or soil.

We will seek guidance from Metal-Chek before any action for which we are not instructed.

We will follow the environmental legislation related to our business and we will seek to be always updated on this subject.

With the "in agreement" indicated below, our company indicates that it believes it is in compliance with all the requirements of social responsibility and respect for the environment, established by METAL-CHEK.

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