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Our Company

Metal-To-Check - this is a 100% national company, leader in the market for a non-destructive testing the methods of the Liquid Penetrant (LP), Magnetic Particle (PM) and Leak detection (DV).

It develops, manufactures and commercializes consumables, equipment and accessories for non-destructive testing by the methods of Liquid Penetrant, Magnetic Particle and Leak detection; as well as other special chemical products.
Located in the city of Bragança Paulista, in the interior of São Paulo, in an area of 10.000 m², the industry's production areas are divided between the LP, sector PM sector and setor aeronáutico.
A Metal-Chek é fornecedora direta para clientes em todo Brasil e conta com uma equipe comercial, apoiada por uma equipe técnica, empenhadas em oferecer a melhor solução para os clientes. 
Desde sua fundação, a empresa se diferencia pela qualidade de seus produtos e de atendimento. Mantém amplo estoque de produtos para pronta entrega, para que todos os pedidos colocados sejam atendidos de forma eficiente.
Os produtos Metal-To-Check - têm seus parâmetros de fabricação controlados conforme AMS 2644 and PETROBRAS N 2370 para atender às normas PETROBRAS N1596 and N1598, Código ASME seção V, ISO 3452, ASTM E 1417, E 1444 e E709.
Os sistemas de gestão da Metal-To-Check - são certificados conforme ISO 9001.

Metal-Chek quality is our trademark

Our Story

Founded in June 1982 by Nabil Gebrael.


The company starts to manufacture Fluorescent Penetrant Liquid and to commercialize its product directly.


Manufactures and commercializes Magnetic Particles and portable and stationary equipments for this type of test.


You receive approval for your products in the CTA.


The company starts implementing a Quality System.


Death of its founder and main manager.


Maria Izabel Laczko Gebrael takes over the command of the company, renews the brand and adopts a new management model, adapting its Quality System to meet the requirements of the NBR ISO 9002 standard.


The company receives the recognition of its Quality System with the certification according to NBR ISO 9002:1994.


It introduces in the market the notion of the extended product, differentiating itself from the market by Quality.


It became market leader.


Environmental concern becomes the focus of the company, which begins to review its production and include environmentally correct products.


Metal-Chek signs with Sherwin to be a distributor of its brand in Brazil.


Establishes an Environmental Policy and a five-year environmental compliance plan. Acquires new equipment for the laboratory and becomes self-sufficient in testing.


Metal-Chek starts producing Dubl-Chek products under license at its São Paulo plant, a product approved by the QPL and meeting the requirements of international commercial aviation.


Metal-Chek is invited by Magchem, a French-Canadian company, to be a distributor in Brazil of differentiated products for the aeronautical industry.


Metal-Chek starts the process of implementing and integrating the Social Responsibility Management System. Metal-Chek is committed to society.


It starts to manufacture these products under license, increasing the line of products with special application methods of solvents, and products for aircraft cleaning and sanitation and is officially invited to join the Aerochemicals international alliance.


Completely moves its facilities to its own building in Bragança Paulista city, in a 10.000 m² land.


We obtained the certification according to NBR ISO 14001:2004.


Includes in its corporate purpose the manufacture of chemicals for third parties, diversifies entering the area of manufacturing services of "private labeling".


Socomore Ltda. begins operations. Joint Venture between Somore (France) and Metal-Chek (Brazil).


The second generation of the family starts to run the company. The board now consists of Andréia Maria LG P Sobreira, Fernanda Cristina L Gebrael de Moura and Luciana Julia Laczko Gebrael.


Recertification of the quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015.




Metal-Chek operates in its own headquarters in Bragança Paulista, 80km from the city of São Paulo. In an area of 10,000m² specially planned and built to produce its lines of Penetrating Liquids, Magnetic Particles, in order to increasingly ensure the quality of processes and products. It has three modern laboratories: technical, development and quality to: Ensure and increasingly improve the quality of products; Carry out tests to monitor production. Concerned with environmental issues, the building has points to capture rainwater for reuse in bathrooms and gardens; waterproofing treatment of the floor to avoid contamination; treatment of all chemical effluents generated so that they can be discharged into the sewer free of contamination; education, encouragement and application of selective collection in all areas of the company (from production to the office, from the cafeteria to the reception) and, finally, the construction of a green area of 3,000 m², with a vegetable garden and fruit trees. All this in order to promote awareness of environmental issues and their impacts, preserving the environment around them.

It is Metal-Chek searching more and more solutions to meet the needs of its customers and preserving the environment.

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