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Fluorescent penetrant DUBL-CHEK HM604

Level 3 - High sensitivity

Method A and C

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Prices and special conditions:

Typical Application
Turbine components including blades and critical welds, castings, forgings and extrudates.

 Special Aspects
Severe scrub resistance, low background fluorescence and spray with excellent electrostatic capabilities. Flash point above 93°C.

 Approvals and Specifications
SHERWIN products are listed on the MIL-I-25135E and AMS-2644-1 QPL (Qualified Product List).

Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, Snecma DMC, Aerospatiale, Turbomeca, FIAT Aviazone, Augusta, MTU, Garrent EMS, Allison, Douglas DMS, Airbus Industry, Boeing BAC 5423, Sikorsky Aircraft, Lockheed, General Dynamics, Northrop, ASME Code Sec V, RDT-F3-6T, AMS/SAE 2647, AMS-3155, AMS-3156, AMS-3157, Embrater, Bombardier.

NOTE: Some products are manufactured to meet specified standards and are used only for special inspections.

 Product intended for industrial use by personnel duly trained and qualified in the test method

 Packages available:

1L - Dubl-Chek HM 604 (1 L) LP fluorescent N3 - ABAAABAFLAAACAE

20L - Dubl-Chek HM 604 (20 L) LP fluorescent N3 - ABAAABAABAFLAAAAEAE

200L - Dubl-Chek HM 604 (200 L) LP fluorescent N3 - ABAAABAFLAAAFAE