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Residual Magnetism Indicator (Gausimeter)

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Portable residual magnetism indicator with double scale.

Portable equipment used for measuring the residual magnetic field in parts that have undergone the magnetic particle inspection process.

The upper "black" scale (generally the most used) reads in Gauss the magnetic field oriented in parallel with the instrument's scale centre line.

The lower "red" scale is used in determining the magnitude and direction of an unknown magnetic field simply by orienting the instrument for maximum reading. When the "Red" scale, reaches the maximum reading, the measured field direction is parallel with the instrument pointer and the magnitude in Gauss.

Manufacturer R.B. Annis Instruments

Equipment Supplied with calibration certificate.

Available in scales:

  • +10 -10;
  • +20 -20;
  • +50 -50 and
  • +100 -100