Explore a Luminária UV400 para ensaios não destrutivos:

Used in non-destructive testing by magnetic particles and fluorescent penetrant liquids.


  • Light spectrum as per standard ranging from 320 to 380nm.
  • Approximate light intensity of 6000μW/cm 2 at 381mm distance from the surface of the part under test according to ASTM E 709 (maximum point).
  • 400W white light bulb with UV filter on 360x260x3mm flat foil.
  • Built in a compact 400x290x220/320mm cabinet with chain attachment/support.


  • It is recommended that weekly cleaning of the UV filter is carried out on the inner and outer face with soap and water or detergent soaked in a cloth or paper towel
  • Cleaning is necessary to avoid loss of light intensity.

Installation Feature:

  • When installing the luminaires with a distance of 381mm from the surface the useful lighting area will be a maximum of 300mm on each side to meet the minimum required light intensity