Razões para Utilizar a Inspeção por Líquido Penetrante

Why should we use liquid penetrant testing? Typical reasons are:

1 Save Money

To save money by checking the raw material on receipt before accepting the product and paying for it.

2 To Detect Cracks

To detect significant cracks that occur during the production process, before wasting time and money following this process.

3 Improve Techniques

To improve techniques and processes by assessing parts before and after certain operations.

4 Worker Safety

To promote worker safety by periodically inspecting plant equipment to find defects before they cause accidents.

5 Public Safety

To promote safety for the public by preventing the manufacturer from legal proceedings ensuring the quality of the final product.

6 Economy

To obtain economy with quality information, without empiricism.

7 Integrity of Parts

To confirm the integrity of parts during maintenance inspections, promoting safe safe operation of the equipment or structural components

It is worth remembering that manufacturers are not only responsible for a crack, but for supplying a product that should be safe, and sometimes it is not.
should be safe, and sometimes it isn't.