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Metal-Chek is a 100% brazilian company that is the market leader in non-destructive testing by the methods of Liquid Penetrant (LP) and Magnetic Particles (MP). These methods are used in the production and maintenance of parts made of metal, ceramic, plastic and other non-porous materials.

It sells and manufactures the entire line of accessories to Liquid Penetrant (LP), and Magnetic Particle (MP), and accessories for the conduct of these trials. Resell and it is important lighting is for special testing by the methods of fluorescence, as well as special equipment for the measurement of the light and the magnetic field.



The NDTs - Non-Destructive Testing

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) they are tests of materials, finished products or semi-finished to check for the existence (or not) of the form and/or defects, and without any change in their physical, chemical, mechanical, or size, and without respect to its future use. That is, they are done testing, you can attest to the quality of a given piece, and without that it will be damaged or destroyed.

These studies constitute one of the major the tools for the quality control of materials and products helping to ensure quality, reduce costs, and prevent accidents, and what you should know:


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Management Policy

Metal-Chek, a manufacturer of products and equipment for non-destructive testing and specialty chemicals, establishes its management policy:

To reinforce the company's position of reference in the market through planned marketing, sales, and product development activities;

Maintain the company's economic health, through cost control and the optimization of management processes, in order to generate higher revenues and a better margin contribution;

To improve the performance of our products, and by improving their formulas, manufacturing processes, and packaging materials, while maintaining compliance with all applicable laws; 

Ensure a good working environment through the use of good practices of social responsibility, occupational health, occupational safety, and environmental accountability;

Keep actions to prevent pollution, including the use of resources, waste disposal, and effluent treatment.



MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet - is a document standardized by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), according to NBR 14725-4, which must be received by employers who use chemical products and, therefore, mandatory for its commercialization.

In the MSDS, you find information about the various aspects of the product (substance or preparation), providing recommendations on protective measures, actions in emergency situations, as well as health and environmental issues.


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