Leak detection

The use of fluorescent additives and ultraviolet technology for leak detection. is a simple, smart investment. In addition to finding leaks, our fluorescent additives work as preventive maintenance for your system and reveal early leaks. The use of the appropriate leak detection. will help preserve equipment quality and extend service life. Undetected leaks can lead to equipment breakdown, lost production time, safety issues, and even fines and legal penalties. When it comes to cost savings, ease of use and effectiveness, fluorescent additives for leak detection. is the ideal way to find costly leaks in industrial systems! Spectroline® fluorescent additives work effectively in any closed circulatory system where fluids are used for lubrication, hydraulics, cooling control or hydrostatic pressure testing. Spectroline® additives can safely remain in the system. Ideal for use as part of a preventive maintenance and/or diagnostic program to keep systems operating efficiently.
Whether it's an oil, water or hydraulic fluid system, leaks affect the environment and your bottom line. Spectroline® offers a wide range of products designed to pinpoint the exact source of each leak, including OEM-grade fluorescent additives and leak detection. high performance.
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